The Beneficial Cures of Chinese Herbal Formulations

In the traditional Chinese medicines, there are some people that relies with herbal formulas in order to help them reduce their stress, enhance mood and also to handle different common health conditions. There are some products that contains different herbs and is also available in dietary supplement form.

Though many herbal formulations like the Xiao Yao Wan Chinese Medicine have a long history of use in China, there are only several scientific studies for some products on its test for health effects with its herbal formula.

But, there are already so many evidences that could aid in the treatment on some health conditions. Below are some of the recent research with the possible health benefits offered by herbal formulations.

The most common benefit to which herbal formulations are able to offer would be on its antidepressant effects. In a study to which was published in Phytotherapy Research back in 2013, tests on rats have revealed that it is effective in fighting off depression through protecting against the stress-related changes in biochemistry.

There are also those that promises the treatment for functional dyspepsia which was a report published at the Journal of Gastroenterology and in Hepatology back in 2009.

Investigators also have analyzed the available studies with the use of herbal formulations for the treatment on functional dyspepsia. They later on sized up the findings from 14 studies which met the report's criteria, the investigators also found that such products could help reduce functional dyspepsia symptoms without the process of causing serious side effects.  To know more about herbal medicine, visit

In the clinical trial that involves 20 patients, researchers have observed that it is able to help improve functional dyspepsia symptoms and also in regulating gastric motility. This is the movement which promotes digestion through helping the food pass through the stomach and to the small intestines.

Some of the herbs that you could find in Xiao Yao Wan are angelica sinensis, radix bupleuri, poria, rhizomaatractylodismacrocephalae, radix paeoniaalba and rhizomazingiberisrecens or ginger.

The users of herbal formulation such as Xiao Yao Wan Chinese Formula helped in promoting healing from different health issues like depression, anxiety, headaches, menstrual pain, migraines and also premenstrual syndrome. Another addition is that it is thought to help alleviate pain and helps enhance mood. This is also used sometimes for stimulating the digestive system and in treating digestion-related health issues like indigestion.

You could make a purchase for dietary supplements that contains Xiao Yao Wan through going online and also in various natural-food stores and stores to which specialize in herbal remedies.